Whether you use electronic, electro-mechanical, mechanical or pneumatic counters, the devices available have been designed to meet your needs. Our range extends from mini-counters through to programmable control counters, multifunctional counters, position indicators, displays, tachometers and timers.

Totaliser Counters

Totalising counters are used to register the number of events and display the result as a digital numerical value. Examples of typical applications are production counting and recording flow volumes.

Preset Counters

Preset counters are counters with controller functions. The numerous different versions available make it possible to meet the needs of many different applications. The type of counting signal will depend on requirements ( electronic, electromechanical or mechanical ). Most electronic preset counters have two presets ( although 3 are possible ), to enable a pre-signal cut-off point, for example, fast to slow positioning or course / fine metering to be configured. Examples of typical applications are control or order-specific quantities and control of coil windings.

Multifunctional Counters

Multifunctional counters offer a broad range of basic functionality in one electronic device, such as the choice of counters, tachometer, timer, shift counter, batch counter and position indicator. The basic ‘function’ is programmable. This means you can ‘stock’ one device, which can suit many applications.

See our type 732 & 772/773/774 counter range.

Time Counters

Time counters display the duty cycle of installation, machines and appliances. They provide information on the expiry times of warranty periods, hours of usage and the countdown to the next scheduled maintenance work. We have a range of preset & totaliser time counters. Examples of typical applications are maintenance interval counters, control of mixing quantites.


Tachometers record events that occur in a particular time sequence. You can record delivery speeds, rotary speeds, through-flows and other quantities. For example, RPM’s, Min/M, Feet/M, ect… Measurement is by the gate measuring principle or the more accurate period length principle by programming the parameters.

Position Indicators

Position Indicators process the angle or path information that is provided by appropriate pulse generators and thus enable positions to be determined.


Machines with adjustable limit stops ( machine tools, paper processing machinery, saws, wood working machine, ect )

The diverse Hengstler range offers the possibility of monitoring and protecting limit stops as well as sending positional data to control systems.

Typical Applications

• Visual Display at Processing Machines
• Tool Machines
• Paper Machines
• Saws
• Extruders
• Wood Working Machines
• Elevators
• Lifting Equipment
• Lock Control
• Crane Systems
• Measurement Techniques

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