Rotary Encoders

Technology and flexibility are key characteristics of our incremental and absolute rotary encoder series ICURO and ACURO. Monolithically integrated opto-ASICS will reliably replace up to 200 SMD components. Thanks to the modular construction, users can select the required configuration from over two million possible rotary encoders.

Absolute Rotary Encoders

HENGSTLER's ACURO absolute rotary encoders offer innovative engineering, easy operation and optimised functional dependability. The platform-based concept enables particularly compact construction and modular internal components. As a result of this sophisticated modular system, HENGSTLER is in a position always to provide the right variant for applications involving motor feedback and automation. Equipped with an open BiSS sensor interface, these rotary encoders are ideal for all requirements and prepared for the future.

Incremental Rotary Encoders

From cost-aware standard types to extremely robust heavy duty products, Hengstler can supply the right commercial rotary encoder for every application. With optical incremental rotary encoders, a line-coded disc made of metal, plastic or glass and mounted on a rotary bearing interrupts a beam of light from a light-emitting diode. The number of lines determines the resolution, i.e. the number of measured points in one revolution. The interruptions of the light beam are sensed by the receptor element and electronically processed. The information is then made available as a square-wave signal at the encoder output. Hengstler can provide rotary encoders with upto 10,000 pulses per revolution.

Ex rotary encoders ( ATEX / IECEx )

Hengstler offer a wide range of encoders, certified for explosion proof usage. Available in incremental & absolute specifications, and aluminium & stainless steel housing options.

Applications :

• Draw Works
• Oil Field Applications
• Petro Chemical Applications
• Enamelling Production Lines
• Bottling Machines
• Mixers
• Silo Works

Motor Feedback Encoders

Accurate sinewave rotary encoders by Hengstler are a preferred choice in drives with high dynamics thanks to their low harmonic distortion. They have excellent immunity to interference and high functional dependability due to control and system monitoring. The broad working temperature range means the motor can be used to capacity more effectively.


Brushless resolvers are the ideal rotor position indicators , for the position feedback of brushless motors, robots or direct drives. They are robust, reliable and suitable for high operating temperatures upto 155’C and resistant to most process liquids, contaminations, radiation and EMC-Interferences as well as highly shock-proof and vibration-resistant.

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