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Hengstler printers & cutters - highly reliable, very easy handling, good paper transport, maintenance free. These advantages are also an appreciated feature of our complete system solutions. Our printers and cutters are to be found wherever a high degree of reliability is required.

Thermal Printers – Thermal Kiosk Printers – Industrial Receipt Printers

Since 1965, Hengstler have been supplying the market with printers and cutters and have specialised over time, in direct thermal built-in printers. Our thermal printers are to be found in kiosk systems, ticket machines, bank applications ( ATM’s ), in industry and the retail trade. Printable widths vary from 50 to 216mm and paper weights from 55 to 250 gsm.


After printing, it is often necessary to cut the printout, receipt or data medium off cleanly. Hengstler offers a range of powerful, highly reliable cutters for many different cutting widths. They are maintenance free and self-sharpening. Hengstler’s capabilities and experience have made this the largest manufacture of cutters in Europe. Hengstler cutters are in use in large numbers in petrol filling pumps, for example. They guarantee a fine cut in a wide range of climatic regions.

The search for the right printer is sometimes a challenging one. Not only are there so many choices on the market, with so many different features from so many different competitors, but every application also has different needs. HENGSTLER has been building printers and innovating the printer business since 1965, and has the expertise to guide customers to the printer that is right for them.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty thermal printers. Customers around the globe appreciate our extensive experience and competent service, our broad application know-how and our high flexibility, which is a result of our vast offer of different product variants. Printing system solutions are our specialty.

The HENGSTLER team is expert in matching printers to the application. Whether it’s gas pump receipts, bank statement printers, railway ticketing systems, kiosks, fire alarm systems, or just about anything else, we’ve seen it and can help locate and integrate the best-suited printer for the purpose needed. Moreover, we can support our customers effectively by offering tailor-made application projects.

Integration is a core HENGSTLER strength. Selecting a printer is only the first step; it must be mounted and configured mechanically, electrically and via software to integrate seamlessly with the customer’s equipment. If a standard HENGSTLER printer isn’t available to meet the OEM’s design need, a custom one can be developed for the purpose to insure full compatibility. HENGSTLER offers one of the largest ranges of direct thermal print mechanisms and dedicated solutions. Paper widths from 50 to 210 mm are available, while paper weights can vary from 55 to 250g/m². Our diverse product range is completed by accessories such as cutters, presenters and bundlers. Quality, reliability and safety take priority in all our component and system solutions. This is supplemented by our unique user-friendly and ease-of-service provisions, e.g. straightforward replacement of paper rolls, and low-maintenance requirements for all our printers.

Convincing advantages which offer you the highest levels of security and operational ease to suit your application. You will also find these advantages of particular value with our Complete System Solutions. HENGSTLER printers are used in large numbers in kiosk systems, ticket machines, and bank applications, as well as in industrial and commercial sectors. Our products are used wherever consistent reliability is called for.

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